PeoplePath is an Application

PeoplePath is a web-based participant tracking system for organizations that wish to track clients as they take advantage of program activities.

PeoplePath is a robust attendance tracking and statistical system for the management of your program activities. Regular users login to a secured website where they can manage participant data and run statistical reports for audits. PeoplePath can also be used to mine data to provide insight into your data and identify potential new opportunities

PeoplePath can eliminate the need to complete forms by hand, use spreadsheets, enter information into a template or use a calculator. Save time and money, by expediting procedures and eliminating duplication of efforts.

Our Paper and Pencil (PnP) organization was losing an average of 6 hours per week in productivity. By keeping paper records or participant registration, enrollment, and attendance manually across their multiple site locations, fulfilling their monthly reporting requirements became an arduous task filled with mistakes.

Money was being lost by PnP not only not being able to accurately report their numbers to their grant holders, but with no real insight into their entire population services, they were unable to effective go after new grant money.

Our approach was to not just digitize their existing paper forms and store their information in a database. We decided to build a repository that would enable PnP to view current data as well as historical information to facilitate the ability to do trend analysis.

We developed a hierarchical system which would allow for service information to be viewed in a multitude of ways.
    1.  The same activity s service information could be reported on based on its singular location or across multiple sites.
    2.  Reporting could be done at the program level which would include all activities regardless of location
    3.  Reporting could be done at the funding source (grant) level which would include all programs being funded by this source
    4.  Reporting could be done at the funder level which would include all funding sources (grants) it has funded
    5.  Reporting could be done based on specific elements defined in selected activity types. This would provide more specific insight than the general serviced counts.

A new application was created with some os the following characteristics:
1. Increased efficiency    
2. Greater management visibility to data    
3. Real-time information    
4. Ability to seek out new funding based on big data analysis    
5. Historical data maintained in singular secured location